Elodie Pong, Zürich

Emma, Liliane, Kurt, Leo. Et voilà.

Video, Dauer: 3:30 Minuten

Artists Statement:
four persons – two women, two men.
the first woman is a central player among the other characters. she pre- sented them to one another and initiated the idea of sharing a common living space where their differences would actually bring them together. and it did for a while.
they shared many things. and time. in different configurations.
but now it’s all coming to an end.
and this is where they stand at the moment –
the two women are no longer close friends; one man and one woman are breaking up, and the two men are getting closer.
this video is a short composition of thoughts, interactions, and ways of seeing. it’s the abstraction of the current situation, shortly before everyone moves out of the villa renata.

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